Seeing the invisible


The capacity of seeing what the others won’t is a serious edge in life and in the markets.

Here is the AUDCAD H4 live chart. It’s displayed from the FX Pro Metatrader 4. The close time is N-Y Close. Do you see something interesting on it ?


Personally, I see nothing.

In real life, when we want to sense an object properly, we take it, we touch it and we rotate it to see the top, the bottom, the sides, … Now, let’s try seeing the exact same chart with a different point of view.

Now I take my AUDCAD H4 live chart, from my Oanda Metatrader 4. The close time is midnight EST :


Do you see something interesting now ?

Still not ?

And now :


A heavy high-probability price pattern magically printed on this chart. This is a 10% pinbar. A strong high-probability pattern that you can take almost everywhere on the chart. Luckily, this pattern printed on a significant S/R level. This is why the price reversed and collapse after that.

Easy trade.

Obviously, I took it and I made money with it (visible on myfxbook)

A lot of traders only look at the charts based on the NY Close daily time. It’s a mistake. The price is everywhere. If you want to see the markets in different point of views to perceive them better, try other close times. You’ll be surprised to see a lot more opportunities…

One thought on “Seeing the invisible”

  1. I have heard about you a lot on Walter Peter’s site, finally followed a link

    I like your approach and writing style

    haha …. I am like that man in the picture, invisible to most people unless they look

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