Timing the market


There are times to trade and others to rest. If you trade on a Daily basis is pretty easy : avoid trading the Monday and the Friday.

These days are retracement days, there are a lot of fakeouts and false signals the Monday and Friday. If you analyze the process of a candlestick formation, you’ll notice with experience that the wicks of the bar are really often created at the beginning and the ending of the period of time you are looking at.

The body of the bar is really often generated during period of big volatility, the heart of the week, the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I trade Weekly, Daily and 4 charts only the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

By doing that you could miss some good trade setups but you will especially avoid bad trade setups. It’s more profitable to avoid trading these days.

If you are an intraday trader using high-probability setups, you know that for sure by only taking trades during the London session (and start of New-York session). The beginning and the ending of the day are tough period for high-probability trades.

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