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  1. Hello,

    First of all great website and system! I would like to ask you if this is high probability setup : AUD/NZD hit weekly structure (S/R) and we got DAILY engoulfing. Please let me know.

    Best Regards
    Marjan R.

  2. Hi Marjan,
    Thanks. You are right, the AUDNZD almost Daily engufling candle is a high-probability setup to sell it. However, on my chart this candle is not exactly engulfing the other ones (missed by 1 pip) so I will not take it. And you are right the Weekly level is really significant here. However, today the Market printed a beautiful engulfing candle on the EURNZD. Despite the fact it’s Monday, it could be a nice trade…

  3. Hi Beta Trader,

    May I know the recommended broker if I am interested to explore in acquiring your Trade Signals?

    Dennis L

  4. Hello,

    I will follow you, but 79 $ / month over is to expensive.

    Can I follow you ( auto ) for less money for the first 6 month.

    I will test your system with a 1000 Euro account.


  5. Hello,

    I’ve noticed that you have stopped trading after the 3 consecutive losses.
    Only one trade in October and none in November so far ! Can you please explain what is going on ?

    Appreciate your quick response,


  6. hey BETTRADER,

    I like your site a lot.
    I have simple question for you, as you re porfitable trader.
    How do you stay focused regarding to trading mindset?
    Do you follow/read any other traders blogs or soc. media posts, do you read book on trading, do you stay in touch with other traders or..?

    in trading keeping right mindset is ver yimportant thats why asking,


  7. Hi,

    Great website – I’m really impressed with the honesty on here.

    Was wondering if it would be possible to chat over skype about some forex trading or if e-mail is best? Had a fair few questions and think we might be able to help each other.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Anna,
      No I didn’t have a full time job 2-3 years ago. My trading activity is supposed to be a “full time” job (as the majority of people understand it), except it doesn’t require to spend a lot of time in front of the chart with experience. For information, with this kind of swing trading, you can have a full time job and trade successfully the weekly and daily charts. I know several people doing it.
      If you want to chat a bit, don’t hesitate to push me an email, it’s more handy :)

  8. Hey BetaTrader!

    I love your site. I saw you spend less than 30-minutes per day trading due swing trading style.

    Do you live minimalist lifestlye as trading from laptop?


  9. Hello Beta!

    more i learn about trading and those educators out there, more i trust in you and believe you are read deal in trading world.
    all the best and thank you for all here.


  10. Hello Beta
    l was recommended to check you out by WALTER PETERS the guy who wrote the book Naked Forex ,l really appreciate your honesty and l like your system but l failed to under a few things from the heavy trading system description i.e how you increase your targets to 2R and when exactly you move stop loss to break-even?

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