Trading reinforcement

To make profits on the financial market by applying systematic and technical rules is not sufficient. You can use the best system of the world and lose your pouch-front briefs.

A trading system cannot be 100% systematic. Otherwise dumb robots could trade and make money consistently and safely on the Forex. They can make money but not consistently and safely.

If you are a human reading this sentence and you want to become a successful retail trader, you have 2 huge qualities to earn money : your brain and your time. The first one will bring you discretional decisions when you will put BUY and SELL orders. It will be your worst enemy too. The second quality will bring you the main benefit against the so-called “big boys” institutional and bank traders. By controlling your time perception, you will be able to have a serious edge on them.

This part of the website has the pretention to give the information about improving your discretional decisions and taking benefit from the inherent and internal price action properties.

Part 1 : Price structures

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