Hello world

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My god… I discovered 3 things today when I woke up :

  • I have a website
  • There are┬ápeople who browse it
  • I didn’t post anything for over 1 year

Maybe it’s time to publish something almost interesting…

5 thoughts on “Hello world”

  1. And there are even people waiting for your new publications :-)

    I write articles on financial/trading topics too, and I have a tight schedule, so it’s sometimes more than a month from one article to the next. I should say, it’s more engaging when you have 1000+ readers per day, and every publication rouses hot debates in comments. I actually enjoy answering those. But it’s something that is hard to achieve when you have only a few articles per year.

    After all, the question is, what is the purpose of your website and whether you like working with it or not.

    1. Yes Antony, you’re absolutely right… I still have to find the purpose of my website ;-)
      I will post something for Christmas maybe :P

  2. Hi Beta! You don’t even imagine howm many people might be following you. I’ve been following you on signal trader for over a year. You’re an inspiration to me! Keep it up and drop a line…Cheers

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